Love Comes Softly

7 thoughts on “Love Comes Softly”

  1. Your blog is great , well done. Both of those reviews are of such a high quality. I love how you include a quote at the end of your review. Can’t wait to find out what the next book is!

  2. Wow, have never read this book and certainly wouldn’t pick it off the shelf if I saw it because that title certainly is misleading! Because of your insight I will now be looking to pick this one up! Great review without a doubt! <3

  3. Hey again Sophie… can we request reviews? Pleeeeeeeassssee read Akarnae by Lynette Noni then review it? Fave book in the world ??
    From Sophia (grade 5 friend who moved)

      1. Thanks so much, you won’t regret it
        Read book two again today and am crying because it is over ;(

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