Keeper of The Lost Cities

By Shannon Messenger, this book is the first in an 8 (and still counting) series of amazing fantasy adventures. Sophie Foster is a childhood genius who just wants to be normal, until the day when she finds out that she is a Telepath and an elf.

“An elf,” she repeated. Visions of little people in tights with pointy ears danced through her brain, and she couldn’t help giggling.

Sophie Foster – Keeper of the Lost Cities

Fitz, an elf from the Lost Cities finds Sophie and shows her where she belongs. She leaves her family and has to learn new and strange things that she never thought were possible. Even in a different world, she feels like an outcast. Will she ever really fit in?

A very well written book with amazing characters and brilliant new ideas, I love how detailed and different the new world and characters are. We get to learn with Sophie as she pushes the boundaries of her new abilities and the different world.

It is a great page-turner as well as the other books in the series; Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Flashback, Legacy, Unlocked (8.5), and the un-titled Book 9.