Christopher Paolini’s first book of the Inheritance cycle was originally drafted when he was fifteen years old! The book is called Eragon and although it has parallels to the Earthsea books and the first three Star Wars, the series as a whole has an amazing reputation. After all, what’s not to love about dragons, magic, … Continue reading Eragon


This is an amazing book by Anthony Horowitz, in the action genre. The protagonist, Alex John Rider, is a boy who gets unwittingly recruited into the English spy agency, MI6. We follow Alex through a series of books that begins with Stormbreaker, and finishes on the thirteenth, Nightshade. Alex, throughout the collection of books is … Continue reading Stormbreaker


This book is about love, music and a boy band called Unrequited. Written by Emma Grey, this masterpiece is about a girl named Kat, the lead singer of her least favourite band and a boy called ‘ McDreamy’. Kat Hartland hates Unrequited especially the lead singer Angus Marsden. There isn’t anything special about their boring … Continue reading Unrequited

Orbiting Jupiter

Gary D. Schmidt is the author of this beautiful, heartbreaking novel about Joseph, a 15-year-old boy, his baby daughter, Jupiter and the kid who has his back. It is quite short, only 179 pages, but it is very fast-paced and sometimes I had to reread it to fully understand it but it is filled with … Continue reading Orbiting Jupiter


Lynette Noni is the author of this dystopian fantasy masterpiece. It’s set in Medora, a world that once was exactly like Earth but both planets evolved at different speeds in different ways. Alex; a young teenager from Earth opens a doorway into Medora and stumbles upon Bear and Jordan, two students at Akarnae Academy for … Continue reading Akarnae

Dragonfly Song

Wendy Orr is the author of this amazing Bronze Age historical fiction. It starts off on a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea, overshadowed by the mighty Minoans of nearby Crete. Aissa is the daughter of the island’s ruler, the Lady. But she was born imperfect with one extra thumb on each hand, no more … Continue reading Dragonfly Song