The Kensington Reptilarium

This book is written by N.J Gemmell, the first in a trilogy. It has a great message of sticking together and the importance of family and friends. In this marvellous book four siblings in the middle of the Australian Desert lose their father and have to go live with their Uncle Basti who they’ve never heard of before. He may be their father’s brother and he may have their signature eyes, one blue, one green, but this man rubs them up the wrong way. Will they find out the truth about what really happened to their dad?

Kick, Scruff, Bert and Pin or to call them by their full names, Thomasina, Ralph, Albertina and Phineas, are running wild. With no parents, not even their only parent, their dad, they are loving the freedom. Only it doesn’t last that long. A mysterious stranger from London turns up and tells them that their dad is gone. They are sent to live far away in London, England.

‘You’re too much like your father for your own good. Stubborn, singular, fearless, that wild Caddy streak.’

Uncle Basti, The Kensington Reptilarium

Snakes in their beds and lizards in their breakfast. But that isn’t the least of their worries. Uncle Basti is so unpredictable that he could ship them of to an orphanage at anytime and it looks like all they will be getting for their first Christmas in London is a couple of dead rats each. What will happen to them here?



August 7, 2019 at 5:46 am

Your blog is awesome! The review about Kensington Reptilarium makes me want to try reading it again. When I first tried to get into the story it was too univentful but now that I have read that article I will try again ASAP! Good job Sofie!

Mark Dixon
March 10, 2020 at 9:45 am

I really like this review as it includes enough detail and questions about what is going to happen to poor Kick, Scruff, Bert and Pin to make you want to read the book to find out what happens. Nice work Sofie – I look forward to the next review.

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